Well attended and informative: FAIRagro RDM training on January 15 and 18, 2024

“Handling and organizing plant phenotyping data – a workshop on Research Data Management”

Together with PhenoRob, FAIRagro successfully conducted the pilot training on research data management of plant phenotyping data!

Part 1 on 15.1.2024:

With a colorful and active group of six PhD students from PhenoRob and six external participants from various German and international research institutions, we discovered the basic principles of FDM in a first online part. With lectures, exercises and group work, we learned about the FAIR principles, metadata standards and the different phases of the research data lifecycle – and took a look at what this means for plant phenotyping data now.

The participants had exciting discussions and actively applied various tools and methods. Thanks to the successful cooperation between the Data Steward Service Center, Training Coordination, Use Case 5 of FAIRagro and PhenoRob, the participants were able to gain an insight into the work of FAIRagro and PhenoRoam, PhenoRob’s in-house repository, and benefit from the different expertise of the trainers.

Part 2 on 18.1.2024:

Despite the difficult travel conditions due to the snow, three PhD students from PhenoRob made it to Bonn on Thursday to put the theoretical knowledge from the first part into practice in a hands-on workshop.

Together we explored the in-house repository PhenoRoam: How many datasets in PhenoRoam have a DOI? Which optional blocks of the metadata schema should be selected for plant experiments? What are good and bad titles for datasets? We answered these and more questions together before each participant was able to enter their own data into PhenoRoam and ask any questions that arose. For those who didn’t have their own data with them, our test dataset gave them a hands-on experience of how difficult it is to understand someone else’s dataset without detailed data documentation.

We are already looking forward to our next joint workshop. Information will be available soon here or in our newsletter.

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