FAIRagro Community Summit 17. - 18. Juni 2024 in Berlin

About FAIRagro

FAIRagro is a community-driven initiative within the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI) and focuses on the agrosystem domain needed to develop sustainable crop production and agroecosystems.

FAIRagro Community Summit
on June 17, 2024 in Berlin-Mitte!

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Our mission

We establish an interoperable and scalable RDI by connecting available repositories to make research data FAIR. We facilitate combined data analyses and establish a multilevel support system by setting up a Data Steward Service Center. We provide guidelines and information material, and focus on knowledge transfer for agrosystem researchers. FAIRagro addresses quality and legal security challenges beyond the FAIR principles.

Our aims are accomplished by close collaboration with other NFDI consortia and the national and international community. We advance NFDI ambitions with expertise and approaches for legal data security challenges, stakeholder involvement and RDIs for highly interdisciplinary and multi-scale research in a field of high societal relevance.


This NFDI consortium is an initiative of NFDI4Agri for the agrosystem domain.      

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Our objectives

FAIRagro will develop an interoperable and scalable research data infrastructure for agrosystems research.

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FAIRagro comprises partners with excellent disciplinary expertise and with many years of experience in research data management.

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