Our Data Steward Service Center (DSSC)

Our Data Steward Team offers you – as a part of the agricultural research community – support for all your questions concerning research data management. We are there for you: in each phase of the data lifecycle – from research and the creation of a data management plan to the publication of your data.

This FAIRagro service is free and open to the whole agrosystem research community!

Please get in touch if you need support with any of these topics:

    Data protection *

    Our Data Stewards

    Here are some examples of our services:

    • You are looking for available data concerning soil, field experiments, phenology or the like.
    • You want to publish your data, i. e. along your paper or dissertation and are looking for an appropriate repository.
    • You are planning a project and need advice on the creation of a data policy.
    • You are looking for appropriate tools for the analysis and interpretation of certain data.
    • You are in search of a custom-tailored training about research data management for your working group.
    • … or you have other questions concerning research data management.

    We are aiming at the agricultural research community – but we are open to everybody who is interested. If you have an exciting challenge for us, which you think can also be interesting for other scientists, we would love to accept it as a Use Case and present it here.

    Your Data Steward Service Center (DSSC) Team

    Elena, Florian, Lea, Lucia, Wahib, Marcus & Nikolai

    If you have a general question or suggestion concerning the FAIRagro project, do not hesitate to write to:


    If you work with agricultural research data, want to find out more about it, search for it, publish it or manage it, you’ve come to the right place. We have compiled overviews and instructions to support you in dealing with such data and its special features. Our toolbox is up to date and is constantly being expanded. If you have any ideas or suggestions for further contributions, please contact us via our helpdesk.

    • Facts on Facts – Data Types in Agrosystem Science
      What data types exist in agrosystem science? What do I have to consider when collecting and publishing data – including the legal perspective? Here we give a short overview of relevant data types and their peculiarities regarding research data management. With hints to our expertises in the DSSC and further ressources.
    • How to learn and teach RDM – a collection
      Are you looking for ways to learn about handling research data? Do you need teaching materials that you can use to create your own training courses? – We have compiled a collection of (mostly) open educational resources on research data management in agricultural sciences and related domains for you!
    • Where to find a fitting repository?
      Are you looking for a suitable repository to publish your research data – or do you need well-described data for subsequent use? We help you through the jungle of existing infrastructure. Here you can find a current list of repo recommendations from our helpdesk.