The Development of the consortium

Developing the NFDI4Agri nucleus FAIRagro

The FAIRagro consortium was formed in early 2021 as an initiative of the NFDI for Agricultural Sciences (NFDI4Agri) community with the goal to develop a FAIR RDM for a specific agricultural research domain as nucleus: the agrosystem research domain.

Forming NFDI4Agri

In a community workshop in June 2019 attended by many representatives from different agricultural research institutions, it was decided to establish the NFDI4Agri consortium.

Formation of FAIRagro in 2021

At a workshop in June 2021 with more than 60 participants, the new FAIRagro consortium as an initiative of NFDI4Agri was presented to the community. The community supported the new consortium and agreed on a new composition. A number of NFDI4Agri partners remained in FAIRagro while some other partners related to research domains outside the agrosystem nucleus, such as the animal and forestry sciences, have not been included. Also, new partners were involved in FAIRagro to better balance the consortium’s expertise through stronger involvement of researchers and data analysts from the agrosystem domain.

Our ambition: From FAIRagro to NFDI4Agri to NFDI

In the community workshop in June 2021, we introduced the ambitions of the FAIRagro consortium to further develop FAIRagro into a NFDI for the Agricultural Sciences. We will further onboard new use cases to support the development of FAIRagro  and to address new research areas and communities.