Upcoming Events

Internal Events

15th July 2024, 1 pmTA2 Jour fixe
16th July 2024, 11 amTA5 Jour fixe
17th July 2024, 12 amFAIRagro Steering Committee Meeting in Berlin (face-to-face meeting)
18th July 2024, 2-3 pmTA3 Jour fixe
23th July 2024, 11 amTA5 Jour fixe
29th July 2024, 1 amTA2 Jour fixe
5th-6th September 2024TA3 Retreat in Bonn
14th November 2024FAIRagro Plenary 2024 in Berlin

External Events

17th-19th September 2024Landscape 2024 Agroecosystems in transformation in Berlin
18th-19th September 2024First Workshop of DBG-AG Bodensensorik and FAIRagro
21th-23th October 2024EOSC Symposium in Berlin
20-21th November 20241st Base4NFDI User Conference (UC4B2024)