Templates and Services

Here you can download the currently valid corporate design guidelines, the current flyer and corresponding templates for a uniform internal and external presentation of the FAIRagro consortium.

CD Manual

The guidelines for the presentation of FAIRagro – including information on the color scheme, logo, font and imagery.

FAIRagro CD Guidelines

FAIRagro Flyer

The current FAIRagro Flyer to download. Of course we happily provide you with printed flyers as well: info@fairagro.net

Download FAIRagro Flyer as PDF


The FAIRagro logo with color gradient in a left-aligned and a centered version. All approved versions and file formats can be found in the ZIP file linked below.

Download ZIP-file with all approved FAIRagro Logo variants:

Templates for presentations

PPT templates for use in FAIRagro presentations. The FAIRagro house script with installation instructions can be found below.

Presentation FAIRagro general

Presentation FAIRagro in a nutshell

Poster template

PPT template for use with FAIRagro posters. The FAIRagro house lettering with installation instructions can be found below.

Poster template DIN A0 vertical

Poster template DIN A0 landscape


FAIRagro Template for Letters (german)


Here you can download the FAIRagro house font Fira Sans. FAIRagro uses the Fira Sans Regular, Fira Sans Regular Italic, Fira Sans Medium and Fira Sans Medium Italic fonts. Please note the information in the manual.

Installation note: Copy the extracted content without the txt file to the folder C:\Windows\Fonts. This will install the font automatically.


Different backgrounds for Video conferencing (ZIP)