Onboarding Of New Use Cases

Use Cases are one way to get involved in FAIRagro. Use Cases can be used to integrate additional disciplines and research areas. Our current Use Cases (UC) of FAIRagro will be expanded: either by extending existing Use Cases (EUC) or by adding new Use Cases (NUC). Bridge Use Cases (BUC) serve to extend FAIRagro and integrate additional disciplines.

We have developed a procedure for Onboarding new Use Cases for the FAIRagro funding period.

The first open call for Use Cases took place in preparation of the DFG application. We selected six Use Cases and integrated them into the work program. During the FAIRagro funding period, further Use Cases will be integrated. For this purpose, an Onboarding platform will be developed on the FAIRagro portal, which will provide information about the need, a criteria catalog, possible connecting points of new Use Cases and a template for submission. Since future Use Cases and thus the further development of FAIRagro should be supported by the broad FAIRagro community, the Community Advisory Board with representatives from the FAIRagro community will be involved in the assessment. The criteria catalog (e.g. added value compared to existing Use Cases, connecting points to existing Use Cases, integration of new areas and communities, feasibility and strategic suitability) serves as a basis for the evaluation of submitted Use Cases.

The first open Onboarding call for new Use Case submissions will take place after the first year of the project to allow FAIRagro to strengthen the primary planned developments first. This will be a continuous and dynamic Onboarding call with a total duration of 2.5 years and a total funding period for new Use Cases of 3 years. A total of three Onboarding rounds (after 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5 years) will be organized.

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