FAIRagro is leaving X/Twitter

We are stepping away from X/Twitter in favour of platforms that are currently more aligned with our values. Find us on Mastodon, BlueSky or soon on LinkedIn.

FAIRagro is dedicated to the core values of Open Science. We value diversity – not only in the data we care about, but also in the conversations we engage in. We are committed to nurturing an environment that is welcoming, supportive, respectful and free of harassment, intimidation, bullying and discrimination. The decisions of X/Twitter to substantially reduce their content moderation teams and to invite previously banned perpetrators of hate speech back onto their platform, run contrary to this commitment. We’ve therefore decided – as well as NFDI and a lot of other consortia – to move our social media engagement away from X/Twitter. Henceforth, we’re focusing our efforts on our accounts on platforms that currently better resonate with our values, such as our profile on NFDI’s Mastodon instance, BlueSky or (soon) LinkedIn. 

We will stop using Twitter/X from December 31th 2023. Our account will remain inactive, serving as an archive rather than a conduit for communication. We encourage you to join us in other spaces that support constructive and respectful dialogue.