The results of the election to our new Steering Committee

The scheduled election for the FAIRagro Steering Committee (election period: two years) took place from September 15-22. According to the FAIRagro Governance, four representatives (plus substitutes) were elected by the participating institutions from the following groups:

– 2 persons from the group of our Participants,

– 1 person from the group of co-applicants and

– 1 junior scientist (person employed in the project up to 45 years).

We are pleased to present here the composition of the Steering Committee after all persons have agreed:


Elected representatives (new):

Florian Hoedt (Thünen Institute, Co-Applicants)

Dr. Anne Sennhenn (ATB, Participants)

Dr. Markus Schmalzl, General Directorate of State Archives of Bavaria, Particpants)

Lea Sophie Singson (FIZ Karlsruhe, Young Scientists)


The following were elected as deputies:

Dr. Daniel Arend (IPK, Co-Applicants)

Dr. James M. Anderson (ATB, Participants)

Sophie Boße (ZB MED, Young Scientists)


The elected persons complete our permanent representatives:


Prof. Senthold Asseng (TU Munich, TA1)

Dr. Ulrike Stahl (JKI, TA2)

Daniel Martini (KTBL, TA3)

Dr. Matthias Lange (IPK, TA4)

Prof. Frank Ewert (ZALF, TA5)


Many thanks to all Steering Committee members for their commitment to our consortium, which is getting more and more attention in our community – especially to the outgoing members Stephan Lesch (Senckenberg) and Florian Beyer (JKI). James Anderson (ATB Potsdam) remains on the board as an alternate of the Participants group.