The DSSC is a “success story” within NFDI

With the help of its consortia, the NFDI Association has compiled and published a collection of success stories. The success stories are intended to help make our work more tangible and give visitors a better idea. FAIRagro is involved with the Data Steward Service Center (DSSC) and the Helpdesk.

Data Steward Service Center (DSSC)

The DSSC of our young consortium was successfully formed within a few weeks after the start of the project in March 2023 and is characterized by a combination of teamwork and independent task processing. We are five data stewards and one coordinator who deal with various requests from the national and international agrosystems community. Each of our data stewards is an expert in a specific area of agrosystems research. This includes geospatial data, crop inventory data, long-term agricultural trials and genetic data. In addition, we are the first consortium to have a fully trained lawyer as a data steward for legal and ethical issues. This enables us to answer the community’s questions directly and competently ourselves, so that no outsourcing is necessary. This makes our service agile and efficient. Specifically, inquiries reach us via the central email address “”. These are then converted into tickets by our coordinator and assigned to one or more data stewards according to their expertise, who then process and manage these tickets independently. By the end of 2023, we had already dealt with 27 community inquiries. Thanks to the size and diversity of our team, we also successfully contribute to networking with other helpdesks (both NFDI and local) and with the national initiatives. [Author: Lea Singson, Data Steward at DSSC]

The leading institution of the DSSC is the Leibniz Center for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF) with its own repository (BonaRes Repository).

More success stories can be found on the NFDI website.