Project start and kick-off for the FAIRagro project

This March is the official project launch for the FAIRagro consortium (2023-2028). FAIRagro consists of about 30 agricultural research institutions in Germany and is coordinated by ZALF. As part of the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI), the consortium will improve the framework for cross-institutional and cross-scale research. Important tasks and goals include support and advice on research data management, a unified search portal for research data in the field of agrosystem research, and the networking of existing research data repositories with agricultural science backgrounds.

We are pleased to finally move from the theoretical planning to the productive project phase. Currently, we are advertising vacancies in the various institutions to fill the approximately 40 project positions soon. On April 26, the consortium will meet in a first FAIRagro Plenary to present the planned work within the project.

More information: press release of ZALF “Funding for simplified access to agrosystems research data