FAIRagro co-spokesperson Franziska Böhm is the elected section spokesperson of Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects (Section-ELSA) of the NFDI Association

The sections are legally dependent divisions of the NFDI Association. They deal with so-called cross-sectional issues, i.e. topics that are interesting and important for all consortia. The Scientific Senate of the NFDI Association established four sections on 01.10.2021 – Common Infrastructures (section-infra), Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects (section-ELSA), (Meta)data Terminologies and Provenance (section-metadata), Training & Education (section-edutrain). With the election of the speakers, the work in the sections is starting. We congratulate Franziska Böhm on her election as spokesperson for the ELSA section and look forward to close networking and exchange in the future.