FAIRagro at the Love Data Week in Potsdam

The “Love Data Week” took place in Potsdam from the 12th to the 16th of February under the motto “My Kind of Data”. Numerous national and international organizations, including many of the consortia organized in the NFDI, offered exciting information events in various formats such as coffee lectures, training courses and podcasts – both online and in person. The offer was primarily aimed at researchers and students of all qualification levels and disciplines, but scientific infrastructure and service employees, citizen scientists and all other interested parties also got useful insights.

FAIRagro was there: among other things with a presentation as part of the “Micro-Symposium on Managing Research Data and Code” and the well-attended workshop “Managing your (research) data – with a focus on landscape, environment and geodata”, which introduced participants to the FAIR principles as a prerequisite for a functional data life cycle and provided numerous helpful tips and tools along this data life cycle – not only for the agricultural, environmental and geosciences.

It was an interesting five days with exciting and instructive insights – we will be back for the next “Love Data Week”!