Did you already know?

In future, we will be publishing texts from the FAIRagro universe here at irregular intervals. Things you always wanted to know, insights into day-to-day business, answers to burning and not-so-burning questions, reports from the field, everything about the world of FAIRagro.

We start with a contribution from Lea Singson (FIZ Karlsruhe). Lea is a lawyer and deals with all kinds of legal and ethical issues at the FAIRagro helpdesk.

  • Copyright as the final boss
    Friend or foe for scientists? Our first Legal Workshop earlier this week was a full success! Since there have been lively discussions around the presented topics regarding the German copyright, I want to use this legal column again to dive into the deep sea of the German copyright law and the data licenses. German copyright:… Read more: Copyright as the final boss
  • Pseudonymous, anonymous – what is it and what are the consequences?
    Discussion of the Verdict of the EuG from 26.04.2023, T-557/20 Let’s say I’m a scientist working with personal data in my day-to-day work. Sooner or later, I will have to ask myself how I can prevent this data from floating around without any protection in the open net space. Most of the time the solution… Read more: Pseudonymous, anonymous – what is it and what are the consequences?
  • Do you speak legal?
    Legal language: why it is peculiar but necessary “Implied”, “principle of proportionality”, “level of creation”, “scope of protection”. Vocabulary that is juggled in legal fact sheets and lectures like a performer in a circus and that can quickly make a conversation drift into incomprehensibility for legal laymen. And yet they are necessary. Admittedly, some more… Read more: Do you speak legal?