Prof. Dr. Jens Karl Wegener (JKI)

The current challenges in agriculture can probably only be overcome with overall systemically oriented solutions. With Spot Farming, the JKI has developed a new crop production concept that shows what future sustainably intensified crop production could look like, taking social and ecological concerns into account. In order to turn Spot Farming from a concept into reality, a great deal of expertise and data is required, as it involves the consideration of the entire system with all its facets at the most diverse levels. The JKI is generating large amounts of data in order to answer questions like how different variety traits in equidistant and drilled sowing affect plant development and health, resilience and yield potential. The data will be used to establish new breeding targets and also as a basis for other institutions interested in this concept. On the other hand, due to its complexity, the spot farming concept requires access to data, research results and the collaboration of other institutions to fill the existing gaps in the many facets of the approach. This is where we see the FAIRagro portal as a great opportunity. On the one hand, to introduce the spot farming concept as a possible use case and thus make it available and, on the other hand, to strengthen interdisciplinary, cross-institutional collaboration via the possibilities of FAIRagro.