Prof. Dr. Annette Prochnow (ATB)

As the coordinating institution of the Leibniz Innovation Farm for Sustainable Bioeconomy which is being implemented as an interdisciplinary research infrastructure on a practical agricultural farm, we at ATB are really looking forward to applying the solutions which will be set forth by the FAIRagro consortium: FAIRagro is addressing challenges that all research institutions in agriculture face at the moment such as the existing momentum of digitisation processes and accompanied increase in data availability but missing data standards and reachability. Hence, we see that all this gathered information can – at the time being – not be put to full use in the wide interdisciplinary scientific community. We are looking forward to getting a chance of implementing the Innovation Farm as a bridge use case at later stages of FAIRagro when basic proofs of concept such as data standards and workflows have been provided. Integrating the forthcoming Innovation Farm’s research data on livestock and feed production as well as on residue management into and making them available via the FAIRagro Portal using the above mentioned standards will surely bring us all a step forward to the goal of a more circular agriculture. As an interdisciplinary initiative, we would like to highlight the training and dissemination activities among the many important tasks that FAIRagro is planning. These will surely help to overcome barriers by raising awareness of discipline-specific data handling habits and by aligning them.