Introduction to RDM at Uni Kassel

On 14 May 2024, FAIRagro and the Research Data Service of the University of Kassel gave a two-hour introduction to research data management of agricultural data. A total of 25 researchers from Faculty 11 of the University of Kassel – from deans to PhD students – followed our quick ride through the many topics of research data management.

From the basic principles (research data, metadata, FAIR principles, RDM, policies and guidelines) to the many aspects to consider in the research data lifecycle (data management plan, sensitive data, electronic lab and field books, data organisation, data repositories, PIDs and licences), we presented many topics and the associated services of FAIRagro and the Research Data Service.

What’s special: after the introductory lecture, participants have the opportunity to choose up to two topics that they would like to learn more about. This allows us to offer two customised in-depth workshops on the topics that really get to the heart of the matter!