First physical meeting of TA3 in Darmstadt

The KTBL organized the first physical FAIRagro TA3 meeting in Darmstadt. Members of the six measures presented the status quo on the topics of standards,
metadata concept development, possible ontology integration, interoperability,
tools for ensuring data quality and dealing with legal aspects
were presented.

TA3 meeting in Darmstadt 20th and 212st November

The focus was on networking with one another, the
organization of upcoming milestones and workshops, the exchange with FAIRagro
FAIRagro representatives from all other FAIRagro task areas and their requirements for the
TA3, as well as the definition of connecting and exchange topics with other NFDI
consortia, such as the NFDI4Earth KnowledgeHub and FAIR Digital Objects
(DataPLANT). The event was well organized throughout and there was plenty of time
for content-related and personal discussions during the coffee breaks and at dinner
in the rustic Hessian restaurant Sitte.