FAIRAgro TA3/TA4-DataPLANT workshop

The DataPLANT and FAIRagro consortia are planning a joint workshop that will take place as a side event to the FAIRagro Kickoff Meeting on September 26, 2023, also at the Quadriga Forum. The workshop aims to advance harmonization of work from FAIRagro Task Areas TA3 and TA4 in the area of FAIR Digital Objects and the RO Crate data model through joint exchange. DataPLANT’s previous experience and expertise in this area will support this process.

The following topics will be discussed:

DataPLANT’s ARC format as a practical FDO/RO-Crate flavour for applications in data retrieval (FAIRagro middleware)

Search & registry (FAIRagro Search Portal & Inventory)

Workflow systems (SciWin) and

other complementary tools for the dissemination agrosystem research data, its integration and analysis.