FAIRagro at the summer conference of GFPI

From 16 to 17 May, the Gemeinschaft zur Förderung von Pflanzeninnovation e. V. (GFPI) hosted the annual summer conference of the Plant Innovation Department at the IPK in Gatersleben. Over two days, around 50 representatives from science and breeding companies discussed data ecosystems.

The focus was on the presentation of infrastructure programmes and possible opportunities for big data approaches for plant breeding. Among others, consortia of the national funding initiatives Data Trust Models and National Research Data Infrastructures presented themselves. In addition to the NFDI consortia NFDI4BioDiversity, NFDI4BioImage and DataPLANT, Matthias Lange, Jochen Reif, Elena Rey-Mazon, Benjamin Leroy and Anne Sennhenn provided insights into the service portfolio, data steward centre and use cases of FAIRAgro and discussed possible points of contact with plant breeding companies and the GFPI. On the second day, there was a tour of selected research infrastructures, technology demonstrations and discussions with the heads of current research projects at the IPK. Further collaboration, for example in the form of use case applications and collaboration in the NFDI Industry Engagement section, was agreed.

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