FAIRagro at the 63rd Conference for Plant Protection

From September 26 to 29, the 63rd German Plant Protection Conference took place in Göttingen – FAIRagro was there with an information booth.

More than 800 participants were registered for the “German Plant Protection Confernece” (Deutsche Pflanzenschutztagung) for four days on the campus of the Georg-August-University in Göttingen – with a total of 370 exciting lectures, poster presentations with 230 registered posters, several workshops and a plenary event, during which the motto of the conference “Plant Protection Tomorrow – Transformation through Science” was examined from all sides in four keynote speeches, a panel discussion and a discussion with the auditorium. We from FAIRagro were also there: with an information booth where we presented our consortium, the goals of FAIRagro and the importance of and challenges for a FAIR RDM and FAIR data infrastructures and discussed them in numerous conversations.

In addition, Stefan Kühnel (TA 1) presented one of the current six FAIRagro Use Cases on Friday morning in a talk entitled “Streamlining pest and disease data to advance integrated pest management”.

What we brought back with us? Numerous new contacts, exciting insights into the challenges for institutions and researchers (not only) from agrosystems research and the feedback that we are working on relevant and topics for the community with FAIRagro – an insightful and profitable event.