FAIRagro at PhenoRob Career Fair

On Monday, May 8 2023, the PhenoRob Career Fair took place at the Bonn University Club – FAIRagro was part of it.

“PhenoRob – Robotics and Phenotyping for Sustainable Crop Production” is a Cluster of Excellence of the University of Bonn and the Science Research Center at Juelich. It is researching methods and new technologies to observe, analyze and to better understand and treat plants in a targeted manner. Together with many other companies and institutions, we were guests at the Bonn University Club and had many exciting and interesting conversations with young scientists who are interested in working within the framework of FAIRagro and wanted to understand what the consortium’s fields of activity are. Dr. Carsten Hoffmann (ZALF) and Oliver Kirchgessner (JKI) answered all the questions from everyone interested in FAIRagro – a successful event!